Drag and drop the lucky stars to influence the fate of the fugitive and her enemies.

The fugitive must visit all campfires in order to complete the level.

Use the fires to lead the fugitive to salvation and lure her enemies away.

The fugitive stops if the stars don't give her a clear suggestion. Her enemies move in any case and prefer to go to places they never visited before.

The sentences below may give you some hints about the rules governing the movement of the characters wandering in the desert.

It's hard.

This game was made in June 2016 for the Mystic Western Game Jam by Simona Maiorano and Mauro Vanetti in Italy.

We plan to improve on it by adding more levels and hints.

Install instructions

The desktop and mobile versions have higher graphic quality than the browser version.

Browser: Click on the bottom right button to maximise the game area. Use your mouse to drag and drop the stars.

Windows: Unzip the compressed .zip file, then double-click on the .exe executable. Use your mouse to drag and drop the stars.

Android: Double-click on the .apk package. Use your fingers to drag and drop the stars (if your fingers are fat and your device is small, this is going to be difficult, we'll fix it in the next version).

Mac: Unzip the compressed .zip file, then launch the .app folder. Use your mouse to drag and drop the stars.


Three-Lucky-Stars-0.91-win.zip 17 MB
Three-Lucky-Stars-0.91-mac.app.zip 20 MB
Three-Lucky-Stars-0.91-android.apk 26 MB


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I'm not sure I figured out the mechanics but seems interesting.


You mostly understood how it works. I tried to explain it better in the description. Too mystic! :-) Sorry about that.

Deleted 4 years ago