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I didn't know much about this game when I jumped in since I tend to try to blind run through all games that I have never played so other than reading a little bit of the description I jumped right in honestly expecting more of a puzzle game or just a choices style game. This game definitely had choices but I didn't realize just how much the choices I make would impact me and the game play. This game was absolutely amazing.

I did a lets play if anyone at all is curious!

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it won't let me download the game


You have to click on "Download now", not on the individual downloads listed below. A dialog box will open, asking you for an optional donation, you can just skip it if you don't want to donate and then you have to pick the download that works for your environment: Windows, Linux, Mac or Android. I checked right now and it works.


Hi Mauro. My name is Laura, and I'm an English and French teacher from San Sebastian (Spain). I love the game, and I wish to thank you for your time, effort and brilliance. Would you want me to translate the game to Spanish? If so, contact me. Kindest regards.


This is really cool because yesterday I brought the game to an exhibition in Milan and a composer volunteered to write a soundtrack. I told him: «OK, let's make a version 1.2 with audio and another translation, Spanish maybe». Then another guy from Brazil volunteered for a Portuguese translation and I thought version 1.2 was about to be made with 4 languages and audio, but with your proposal version 1.2 will have 5 languages and audio! Send me an email please, I'm looking forward to do it.

That's perfect. What's your email address?

Oops. Good point. :)

posta at maurovanetti dot info

You have an email ;)


Hello ! I loved your game and it's message ! I would like to help you promote it and raise awareness. I would like to translate your game from the English Version into French. Are you interested in that ? If it is the case, I'll give you my email adress so we can talk about it !


It's going to happen. :-) Cool.

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Do you want to see something impressive? I didn't know when I wrote the script but somebody tried to simulate in the real world exactly what Irene and Martin/Marzio do in Two Interviewees. It's in Italian but I guess anyone can understand pretty well what's going on. The opposite reactions to the last question about wages are precisely as in the game.

Check it out:

I earned 23.50 euros so far, which is amazing if you consider that the game is free and very short. I am already reinvesting all these funds in promoting the game through sponsored tweets and search engine ads. Thank you donors.

It's over 50 euros now. I'm keeping on reinvesting the earnings in advertising.


This is very nice for a day's work! It would be interesting to see an expanded version with branches and more complexity and nuance.

I am a college tutor, working with students on issues like equality and employability. I'm planning to use your game in class - I hope that's ok!

It's much more than OK: it's what I hoped for. :-)


i like the art style.

Thank you! The artist is my friend Emanuele Klemp who's just started to move his first steps in the gaming industry. I believe he has some real talent that can be put to good use in this sector.

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