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Do you want to see something impressive? I didn't know when I wrote the script but somebody tried to simulate in the real world exactly what Irene and Martin/Marzio do in Two Interviewees. It's in Italian but I guess anyone can understand pretty well what's going on. The opposite reactions to the last question about wages are precisely as in the game.

Check it out:


I earned 23.50 euros so far, which is amazing if you consider that the game is free and very short. I am already reinvesting all these funds in promoting the game through sponsored tweets and search engine ads. Thank you donors.


It's over 50 euros now. I'm keeping on reinvesting the earnings in advertising.


This is very nice for a day's work! It would be interesting to see an expanded version with branches and more complexity and nuance.

I am a college tutor, working with students on issues like equality and employability. I'm planning to use your game in class - I hope that's ok!


It's much more than OK: it's what I hoped for. :-)


i like the art style.


Thank you! The artist is my friend Emanuele Klemp who's just started to move his first steps in the gaming industry. I believe he has some real talent that can be put to good use in this sector.

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