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it has been a while!

So much complaining in the comments, haha. I thought it was great! The ending cutscene was a nice touch. 


Hmm... It's a little too simplistic. The sexism is often more nuanced than this. The two questions you got right are the marital status one - that question is always pretty much a way for employers to sneakily ask whether you're planning on taking maternity leave any time soon. Also the question of salary, but that's getting better. I've been to some truly horrible interviews. I remember once a guy pretty much out and out asked me if I was into 'those underground basement clubs in the city' because I looked too 'severe' with my hair in a bun. I had to go through the rest of the interview after that - it was horrifying for me. But that wasn't even the worst one lol just one of many. 


The message of this game lost all of its strength and became anvilicious the moment I realized it is entirely impossible to get the woman hired.


the girl lost 5 times while the boy only lost once what the fuck is up


Super nifty way of expressing gender inequality. Loved it!


A fun mini-game is to see how badly you can blow the interview.

Some mini-issues.

1- The game is super short. But this is by design.

2- The game needs some context, I live in a region where 20/30k means nothing. So I guessed that 30k was high.

3- The recruiter is a bit of a charicature. Now don't get me wrong, he is a decent villain to both, but he should be more subtle in his discrimination. Maybe have a memo saying something like "we met our quota of women" on his desk before the interview.

4- This game gives me errors that my GPU is not powerful enough... WHAT THE CRAP? this is a slide-show game, I don't see OpenGL as a must. Please tone down the error message.

5- The audio continues to play after the game is closed.  Very annoying.

I hope this feedback helps.

Deleted post

Some have argued that private questions are illegal in an interview in many countries. Yes, in some countries they are, and yet they keep on being asked because the bargaining power is unbalanced.

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Pushes false agenda and narrative to be seen as fact and uses sources that purposely omit data with the intent of furthering a false narrative.

Excludes the fact that women are more likely to get a job due to gender quotas for the sake of helping its false narrative. 0/10 Would not suggest, it is in a sense, political propaganda.


The sources omit no data.

The "narrative" of gender bias can be "narrated" to you by any conscious woman of this planet.

Gender quotas don't exist in most countries of the world. In any case, I'm not in favour of the false solution of gender quotas FWIW.

Of course it is, in a sense, political propaganda.

Please, please, please don't "suggest" it. I don't want to have people like you supporting this game.


This game would be interesting if it wasn't just a sexual bias, but characters from different ethnic, age and disability would make it much more interesting.

Deleted 4 years ago

Hello asgaroth!
Do you believe that the game is biased, that I am biased or that the reality of the labour market is biased?

Perhaps the answer I gave to the question whether it's possible or not to have the woman hired was vague on purpose because that is a crucial point of the game. Or, who knows, I am just very evil... :-) What's your guess?


I believe all three is possible. My guess would be that it's impossible to get the woman hired, so that's why I gave up, because I didn't see the woman succeed in any of the let's play I watched. But it was a good game, nonetheless!


Is it possible to get the girl to be hired as well?


Wage gap is a lie.


I have provided several stats to show that unfortunately it is not.

Please don't use this comment area for silly comments like this one.


I found this game funny. In a good way ofc. And i love this chill music.


I'm hugely flattered by finding this game listed on the 2016 highlights by Molleindustria (aka Paolo Pedercini) that puts «emphasis on politically-aware/ underrated/experimental works». Try the other games in the list, they're amazing and show how much room there is in this medium for reflection, satire, feelings, history and politics ("in a good sense"):


cool little title to demo the inequalities women face on the job market. I do respect the dev team giving this issue the spotlight which it certainly deserves, however, it's important to remember that IF the interviewer is not a sexist a-hole the outcome of an actual job interview will depend on factors that will have little to do with the gender of an applicant. Saying that the two applicants are exactly the same is like saying that two women weather the same outfit are the same. Clearly we're all different, even minor differences in qualifications can have an impact on the outcome of a job interview. One has to be very careful not to write it off as a gender-bias.

Still I completely agree with a point that female applicants are discriminated against with questions about current/future maternity which are wrapped in cute interviewer terms like family plans and marital status... as a working society we need to just deal with women having kids and companies need to accept it as part of work-life and just friggin pay for it, write it off as operational expenditure just as they do with a million other things.

Clearly the interviewer in this title is portrayed as very sexist and biased towards women which is NOT always the case... plenty of decent interviewers out there although unfortunately bad ones do come up. Not to nitpick at the design but the applicants are interviewing at two different companies and two different positions; general business consultancies are male-dominated (male applicants will have the edge here) at all levels while marketing/pr consultancies are female-dominated at all levels except for the C-suite, so a female applicant for a marketing position may actually have much better chances than her male competition.

Another factor that will benefit the female applicants is the 80% rule... at least in the US - so basically to avoid legal action from the DOL (which can be very costly) 20% of company staff has to be different from the other 80%, i.e. if a company has over 80% males it's time to hire some females to dilute the staff a little.

Bottom line is that if the hiring manager or the company policy is discriminatory towards females there's very little we can do (at least without a thorough legal investigation... which is expensive). Sexist managers are aware of just how difficult it is to legally combat sexist hiring practices and thus take full advantage of picking candidates that they approve of.

I'm convinced that to fix this issue as well as other gender bias issues we must teach our kids at home and at school to be accepting of others regardless of their differences.


I'm afraid you are over-optimistic about the marketing industry you picked as an example of a woman-friendly sector as far as hiring and wages are concerned. In some countries it might be the case, but there are injustices there as well, as this article indicates:

The 80% rule sounds like a very weak barrier. 80-20 is still very unbalanced, and it does not necessarily solve the pay gap. I feel that there's a deeper, systemic issue at stake here.


How do you get the woman to get the job. No matter what I do she gets a C- Max.

Can Y'all help me? Thanks


What's your feeling about it?


I've tried multiple times but the woman never gets it. I like the game, but i feel like there should be a way for the woman to get it.


Aaand that's the point. The woman will never get the job. I've seen multiple studies and heard multiple accounts.


I really enjoyed the message behind this game because it is way too true


your game made me angrier than most things... but I think it was worth it. Thank you

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A really good topic to cover in a game. Here is my playthrough -

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[ Post removed. Unfortunately I had to delete this comment, created by a user who registered 1 hour ago, because it was too long and off topic and filled the whole screen. This area is about the game, it's not for rants. However, I pasted the comment here: --Mauro Vanetti ]


Ой лол, люди и женщины не равны от природы, смиритесь с этим :^)


Translation: «Oh LOL, men and women are not equal by nature, deal with it. :^) »

Comment: you are a sexist.


He's stating a fact. It's referred to as sexual dimorphism, idiot


«Deal with it» is not a fact: it's a suggestion to let physical differences trickle down on economic and social inequality.


I love this comment because we shouldn't have to «Deal with it» and yet people expect us to. Thank you Mauro i love this game and i think you should make a squeal (maybe about race) I am creating a English assignment about sexism currently and i found this inspiring.  


Hey, really liked the game even if I don't 100 percent agree with what you say. Happy to see some diversity in game topics though! I hope you don't mind but I did a lets play of it!


I definitely don't mind! :-) Please post the let's play here.

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Love it when indie games address topics like these in a creative way!


This guy started deleting review comments on Game Jolt, and I guess he felt the need to move to itch, and thought that nobody would notice.


Double lie:

  1. This game was originally posted on and this has always been its main headquarters.
  2. You cannot delete a comment on GameJolt. I could delete them here, but I don't.

It's a CONSPIRACY against mennnn 0_0


complete trash and it looks like it was made in ms paint. Save yourself the dollar you do not want to pay and watch this:


Actually, the game is free.


You could try produce some fine arguments with your double class homo sapiens brain :D

Deleted 6 years ago

What do you mean? Is it possible to have too much social justice?

Not in a world like this.


Look at the current state of the US, Canada, UK, etc. Social justice has become a cancerous movement that is doing more harm now than good. There is no wage gap and just about every western country has achieved gender equality for women. In fact in STEM fields a woman with the same credentials as a man is twice as likely to be chosen simply because of her gender (look this up if you don't believe me) men are also at a similar disadvantage in the education system with a significantly higher percentage of women getting in to post secondary education institutions than males. So yes it is possible to have too much social justice, because calling it justice doesn't automatically make it so. Of course outside of western countries this game is perfectly relevant, but it is far from the truth in the majority of western countries.


Precisely by looking at the current state of the US and UK I find that there is an urgent need for more social justice. The only explanation for such an incredible statement as that there is too much social justice in those countries is that you have a very wrong definition of "social justice". Social justice means equality and solidarity and I have no idea how you can have too much equality or solidarity.
I know that some ultraconservative people in the US use "social justice" to mean something else (i.e., their obsessions and straw men) but I'm not going to adapt my vocabulary to their wrong assumptions.
Your conclusions about the gender gap are wrong, check the data I provided in this very page. The gender gap is more serious in some Third-World countries but it's still a huge problem in Western countries as well. You can cherry-pick small subsets of data with arbitrary preconditions to make your point but this is not going to change the fact that there is a gender gap in wages, employment, work time, career progression, etc. What is going to change it is the struggle of both male and female workers, united.
(By the way, it's a little arrogant of you to come here and leave such a comment as if I had not researched thoroughly what I'm talking about and as if I had not read this kind of pseudo-arguments one hundred times already.)


Your first mistake is assuming that a movement will always stay true to its intended purpose. It is not impossible for an ideology to become corrupted and loose its original values. Have you ever took a hard look at and scrutinized the actions and current beliefs of the people spreading and endorsing these ideologies? I myself believe in equality regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, or creed. I see people as people. However after seeing the changes and increasing hippocratic nature of these movements I've no longer endorsed them and have begun to oppose them. By definition social justice does mean what you think it does but the dictionary definition is a far cry from the current movement that can be observed in the US and many western nations today. Just as feminism, a once righteous movement has fed into a warped version of what it used to be. Interseciontal feminism, now the mainstream facet of feminism in the US/UK/AU, arguably causes as much inequality as it fights.

You are also mistaken by assuming "ultraconservative people" are the only ones against the bloated and deluded movement that is social justice. While it is not easy to prove, more and more people seem to be accepting and discussing the problem of PC culture going too far. Just look at what people like Christina Hoff Summers and Milo Yiannopolous are doing and the response that they've revived, while it is a mixed one they do have a fair amount of support. Also it would seem like overbearing nature of PC culture is partly to blame for the support that a man like Trump has gained, as part of the reason why some find him appealing is that he challenges this ideology. Now I would like to reiterate that the people who are against Social Justice (which has lead to PC culture being what it is today) are not against equality nor solidarity, they are against the ridiculous things that it has brought about. In the UK you can be arrested for voicing a dissenting opinion against immigration on twitter (I'm not against the immigration but these measures are ridiculous), waving a flag bearing the cross of saint George has been banned in several towns in England as people are worried some might find it offensive, in canada a man was nearly brought to court simply due to the fact that he attempted to voice his dissenting opinion to a feminist activist on facebook, the list goes on and on and if you want more examples I will provide them.

My problem with feminism is that even inter-sectional feminism seems to ignore or laugh off male problems. Of which there are many. Men have a far higher suicide rate, homeless men are far less likely to find a service that will provide for them, DV shelters almost exclusively take in females despite the fact that in western countries approximately one third of DV victims are men, in the prison system women are handed lighter sentences for the same crimes for no reason other than being women, in family court cases men are far less likely to receive any form of custody than a woman, in the US women are twice as likely to get admitted into post secondary education and any STEM field, and as before the list goes on. My greatest issue with intersectional/modern feminism is that they regard MRMs as rape apologists (MRMs sometimes protest the guilty until proven innocent approach in rape cases) and attempt to discredit such movements without stopping to realize that men face their own set of problems (this can be observed by looking into articles puplished by VICE, BBC, and organizations like BuzzFeed/MTV). As far as the wage gap goes... I know this is lazy but I'll leave you a link here explaining why it is false if you want to discuss it further I suppose I could find the more hard information that I came across when listening to Milo and CHS.

Look, I have nothing against you and you seem to be supporting these movements with good intentions but I simply ask you to be skeptical of even the things that you believe in. If you wish to discuss this further we could perhaps exchange information so we wont have to use this comment section. Also note that I very much dislike the idea of being misinformed and while it might sound pretentious or silly I researched these issues intensely before giving up on the ideologies that I had believed in. Let me know what you think, if you are planning on another rebuttle perhaps we could take this conversation elsewhere.

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This little game is about working-class problems connected with gender. This is a comment area on a little game about sexism in job interviews. It's not a repository for rants against middle-class strands of feminism that I do not support, or lists of problems males have, or irrational theories about Trump being a consequence of people criticising offensive usage of language. Stay on topic please.

The only part of your comment I am interested in replying is the link. The link brings to a theory I have replied to uncountable times: the theory that it's all about choices, i.e. women choose career paths that make them earn less. This theory is not a refutation of the gender gap, it's just an attempt at simplifying its explanation by ignoring all other factors and blaming the victims. However, it leaves more questions unanswered: and why do women disproportionately choose those paths? The point is that there are systemic issues making women "choose" to earn less. Women who try and choose something different from the ordinary for themselves are going to face discrimination because they are not following the norm, which in turn strengthens the "preference" for the norm. It is a vicious circle.


PS: I had no idea who Milo Yiannopoulos was before two minutes ago. The fact that you are quoting a "professional troll" as your inspiration is telling enough.


Great game :) I'm just wondering if it's actually possible for the girl to get a job? I tried a good few times but I couldn't manage it.


I won't answer. :-)


Haha okay :P


Hi! Can i make a Portuguese translate?


Oh yes! Send me an email please:

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After about 7,000 downloads from several websites and app stores, plenty of reviews and video reviews in many different languages, a bit of controversy, a third version of Two Interviewees is going to be released soon.
The new version is going to include music, SFX and extra translations: Spanish (with distinct European and Latin American versions), Dutch, American English (it currently defaults to British English), Finnish and German.
I'm looking for more volunteers to help in the translation effort and join the improvised team in a multilingual challenge against sexism! If you are perfectly fluent in a language based on the Latin alphabet and you wish to help, comment here and get on board.

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Very good game and really proves a point! I enjoyed it a lot and hope other people play it themselves. I did a gameplay about it if anyone would like to check it out! Two Interviewees Gameplay | WE GOT THAT JOB KINDA - YouTube


Loved this game a lot, loved what it dealt with, loved the facts in the end!


I didn't know much about this game when I jumped in since I tend to try to blind run through all games that I have never played so other than reading a little bit of the description I jumped right in honestly expecting more of a puzzle game or just a choices style game. This game definitely had choices but I didn't realize just how much the choices I make would impact me and the game play. This game was absolutely amazing.

I did a lets play if anyone at all is curious!

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it won't let me download the game


You have to click on "Download now", not on the individual downloads listed below. A dialog box will open, asking you for an optional donation, you can just skip it if you don't want to donate and then you have to pick the download that works for your environment: Windows, Linux, Mac or Android. I checked right now and it works.


Hi Mauro. My name is Laura, and I'm an English and French teacher from San Sebastian (Spain). I love the game, and I wish to thank you for your time, effort and brilliance. Would you want me to translate the game to Spanish? If so, contact me. Kindest regards.


This is really cool because yesterday I brought the game to an exhibition in Milan and a composer volunteered to write a soundtrack. I told him: «OK, let's make a version 1.2 with audio and another translation, Spanish maybe». Then another guy from Brazil volunteered for a Portuguese translation and I thought version 1.2 was about to be made with 4 languages and audio, but with your proposal version 1.2 will have 5 languages and audio! Send me an email please, I'm looking forward to do it.

That's perfect. What's your email address?


Oops. Good point. :)

posta at maurovanetti dot info


Hello ! I loved your game and it's message ! I would like to help you promote it and raise awareness. I would like to translate your game from the English Version into French. Are you interested in that ? If it is the case, I'll give you my email adress so we can talk about it !


It's going to happen. :-) Cool.

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Do you want to see something impressive? I didn't know when I wrote the script but somebody tried to simulate in the real world exactly what Irene and Martin/Marzio do in Two Interviewees. It's in Italian but I guess anyone can understand pretty well what's going on. The opposite reactions to the last question about wages are precisely as in the game.

Check it out:


I earned 23.50 euros so far, which is amazing if you consider that the game is free and very short. I am already reinvesting all these funds in promoting the game through sponsored tweets and search engine ads. Thank you donors.


It's over 50 euros now. I'm keeping on reinvesting the earnings in advertising.


This is very nice for a day's work! It would be interesting to see an expanded version with branches and more complexity and nuance.

I am a college tutor, working with students on issues like equality and employability. I'm planning to use your game in class - I hope that's ok!


It's much more than OK: it's what I hoped for. :-)


i like the art style.


Thank you! The artist is my friend Emanuele Klemp who's just started to move his first steps in the gaming industry. I believe he has some real talent that can be put to good use in this sector.

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